Winter Wedding Preparation

Last-Minute Winter Wedding Preparation

Once upon a time, when I was a child, I had a dream of a winter wedding. That’s what I picture now, a dream winter wedding with my soon to be husband. The snowflakes are lightly falling to the ground and I know that we are only days away from saying our I-do’s. And as much as I can’t wait to walk down the aisle towards our forever moments, I know that there are a few essential last minute wedding preparations to get ready for this moment where we will share our love for one another with friends and family.

A picture perfect winter wedding takes some work. Honestly, wedding planning is a lot more work than I anticipated. Thankfully, as we’re days away from the wedding, the decor and catering is set. All of the major details are in line. Now, it is time to take a look at the little details, the ones that in the end may make a big difference.

Okay ladies, for those of you planning your winter wedding, we need to get a few details in order. Below, I’ll share a few tips and pieces of advice on how to prepare so that on the big day, all we need to think about is that man standing in front of us, waiting to whisk us away as his wife.


Light the Space

The wintertime has always felt romantic to me. Cozying up next to the fire, spending time indoors with the ones you love, listening to sweet Christmas melodies; all of these give me this sentiment that love is in the air.

During the ceremony, the ambiance is very important, not only for our own experience but for our guests as well. Whether you have a vendor on site or the venue includes lighting, make sure that you do a quick walk through before the wedding to know if it is setting the tone that you picture for the wedding day. If either venue could use a touch of light, look/ask for white or yellow lights and candles.


Keep your Guests Warm

I’m not going to be thinking about anything but my man on our wedding day. Every one of my married friends and family tell me that the big day is a blur of emotion and excitement and anticipation and I’ll be oblivious to the details. I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! So, if my guests are transitioning from the ceremony venue to the reception and they’re waiting in the cold, I won’t even realize.

That’s okay for me, but not so much for my dear Grandma who thinks it is cold when the temperature hits 75 degrees.

If the venues are close to each other, make sure that all of the guests can easily access the ceremony or reception. Don’t leave your guests outside waiting for too long. If the two venues are in the same location, go you!


Prepare Your Skin for A Winter Kind of Beauty

I want him to see me and at the sight of me, I want him to lose his breath. Ladies, this is it. This is the moment our fairy tale winter wonderland wedding dreams are coming true with a man we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Unfortunately, the bitter cold makes my nose red and runny and if it is windy outside, my eyes may water and wash away some of the makeup that was just delicately placed prior to my arrival. When I look back at my wedding photos and my Flashbox Film, I want to say dang girl, you look good. So what’s a girl to do?

Solution: Toss out the liquid foundation and go to silicone-based makeup. If you have a friend or makeup artist doing your makeup, they probably already know this. It helps to keep your makeup from fading throughout the day. It may be cold out but once you start showing off on the dance floor, silicone-based foundation helps everything stay in place. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner is a must-have, especially for those of us (sniff, sniff) who may cry a little (let’s be honest, I’m crying about it now just thinking about it). Also, we may love winter, but our skin doesn’t. All I need to say is moisturize, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize some more. Take care of your skin!


Embrace the Snow

At this point, all of the wedding preparation is done and there is insurance to cover the wedding preparations (just in case). There’s no need to stress about the weather. As winter brides, we chose this season for a reason! We chose to get married during this season, to enjoy the frosted windows and evergreen pine scents, the falling snow and sparkling lights. It is a nostalgic time for many and we’re getting married! There is no time to stress over weather, so take a deep breath in and repeat after me: “Snow is beautiful. Storms can’t ruin my day. I’m marrying the man of my dreams!”

Remember your Winter Wedding Forever

And now, it’s time. Everything is in order. We can officially focus our energy and mind on why this is all happening. We can rest assured that the plans will fall into place, and we can fall in love with this moment and this fairy tale wedding of ours.

All of these details help to create a special day and memories that we will never forget. With Flashbox Films, I will be able to remember the frosted windows and the lightly falling snow. I’ll remember the softly lit candles flickering as he and I walk into the reception room to greet our friends and family as Mr. & Mrs. And, I’ll be especially happy to see that my runny, red nose remained hidden in the captured moments of the ceremony and throughout my best rendition of I Wanna Dance With Somebody on the dance floor with my bridesmaids. And guess what, he and I will be able to look back at these memories forever.

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