Who to Choose: Wedding Videographer or Photographer?

When faced with a tight budget for your wedding, you may be forced to choose between a wedding videographer and a wedding photographer. Both have their benefits, but it can be a tough choice to make. It’s important to consider all the factors from cost to the end result before making this important decision for your big day.  Ultimately, it will all come down to which type of memento you want to have of your wedding day and what you will cherish the most for years to come.

Pros of Photography

If you love still photos that you can place in an album and look through year after year, a photographer is a good choice. Your photographer will capture all the great moments inherent in the wedding day, from vow exchange to clinking glasses at the reception. Whether you go for traditionally posed shots or something more spontaneous, your photos will tell the story of your day in stages. With the right lighting, any shot can be transformed into a masterpiece. Black and white images can have a vintage appeal, while panoramics of the wedding party in casual stance can bring a whimsical element to your photos, bringing you back to that moment.

Pros of Videography

At the end of the day, however, there’s only so much a wedding photographer can do to properly capture every moment of your day. While photographers can capture individual moments in time, they can’t capture the essence of the moment in regards to the hilarious dance that your uncle performed or the tear-inducing speech delivered by the best man. For that, you need to hire a wedding videographer. With wedding video, you can relive those moment time and time again. Choosing a wedding videographer means you will have a beautiful wedding film — not just a video — of your special day. A professional wedding videographer can edit, rearrange and add content that a photographer cannot. With such unlimited potential, the end result is a beautiful story from the entire day, infused with messages from guests, vows, dancing and speeches – all forever captured on a digital medium.

Hiring a Wedding Videographer

When choosing wedding videographers, it’s important to interview each videographer for consideration and ask to see a sample video from other weddings. This will give you more insight into their style and whether or not it blends with yours. To see a sample wedding video created with clips from the Flashbox kiosk, contact Pittsburgh wedding videographer, Flashbox Films.