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Event planner Natalie Berger says that the hot trend in weddings is giving guests something to do throughout the reception. In her case, nearly every wedding she’s planned for 2012 has opted for a FlashBox video kiosk, which gets guests involved by allowing them to record their personal toasts and messages both heartfelt and fun. The Flashbox Media company also offers the option of recording highlights such as the ceremony, first dance, toasts, cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss. Post-wedding, the company assembles an edited video with broadcast network quality, animated graphics, and soundtrack. The bride and groom receive two copies of the DVD and can post it online to share. “FlashBox is an awesome alternative to videography,” says Michael Mandel, one of the developers of FlashBox. “Whether a couple wants videography or not, they should check out FlashBox. It’s a magnificent fusion of your wedding day’s video highlights, your guests’ amazing personal recordings and your still photos.” Couples can choose any combination of or all three options.


Mandel says that fewer couples have been choosing videography over the past several years, but that FlashBox is reversing the trend by providing much better memories “that won’t gather dust in a closet.” The messages from the guests provide much more personal and engaging memories that enable couples to truly “relive” their wedding day in a way that has never before been available. “And, including just the video highlights of the day combined with guest messages provides for the truly best moments in the finished video,” says Mandel.