Wedding Video Kiosk: A Reception Game-Changer

What is a Wedding Video Kiosk?

Using a wedding video kiosk at your wedding reception offers something fresh, innovative and fun that will set your wedding video apart.  Rather than a videographer walking around the venue videotaping guests saying something cliché to the bride and groom, like “Good luck!” or “We’re so happy for you!”, the video kiosk lets the guests tailor their message to the bride and groom whenever they are ready. The Flashbox Films kiosk is convenient  to set up and encourages guests to share creative and heartfelt messages for the newlyweds.

Documentary-Style Wedding Videos

During the reception, the Flashbox Films kiosk is set off to the side in the main area.  Speakers and musical talent can then invite guests to make recordings on the wedding video kiosk throughout the wedding celebration.  In this format, guests can record personal messages for the happy couple without an intimidating microphone being shoved into their face.

Traditional wedding videos record the event chronologically.  Unlike traditional wedding videos, the wedding video kiosk footage is edited into the final cut of the wedding video.  This approach can encompass both documentary and cinematic styles.  But most importantly, editing the footage this way allows the videographers to add another dimension that will delight the newlyweds, their family and their friends.

Creating a Personalized Wedding Video

The wedding video kiosk is more than a memorable attraction that will help your guest interact.  It also make a cherished memento of that day. Using the machine is simple.  Guests just have to press start, wait for the camera to start and then they can begin recording their message. Once they’ve finished, the unit resets for the next person. The privacy and welcoming atmosphere allows for more heartfelt messages from guests who would have felt intimidated by a videographer. This makes for an engaging experience that preserves memories to be cherished for years.

Through an intuitive wedding video editing service, professional wedding videographers can insert clips from the wedding video kiosk into the different scenes of the wedding. The multitude of guest messages give the bride and groom something different to look forward to once they receive the finished video. The finished DVD, complete with traditional videography and personalized messages is a high-quality film that tells the story of that day.

For professional wedding videography services, including wedding video kiosks, contact Flashbox Films.