Wedding Video Fails

Wedding Video Fails: Don’t End Up with Wedding Videos Like These!

Wedding Video Fails

Survey data has proven that after all is said and done, a wedding video is the best way to capture a wedding—even better than photography! Once you decide that you want a wedding video, you’ll quickly realize that there is a crowded marketplace. We urge you to proceed with extreme caution! Not everybody with a video camera will give you the type of wedding video you’ll want to watch over and over. Check out these wedding video fails, and read about what went wrong so you can avoid disastrous wedding videos like these:


Poor Quality Footage and Un-Attentive Videographer

In a story out of the UK, one couple was so dissatisfied with their wedding video that they took the videographer to court, and they won. But even though the couple was awarded double the cost of the video in damages, at the end of the day, they have nothing to remember their wedding by.

This videographer left the camera unattended for large stretches of time, filming guests’ feet and the backs of their heads, and he missed major moments like the cutting of the cake and the signing of the registry. Since the law suit, he’s had to stop making videos altogether. Would you be happy with this wedding video?

Click here to see what you think of this wedding video.


Dance Floor Footage from the Sidelines

Dancing is one of the most fun parts of a wedding. Couples can’t wait to get their wedding videos back to see some of the dance floor antics of relatives and closest friends. But good quality dance floor footage is hard to come by. Without this special solution for creating dance floor memories, you may end up wasting a chunk of your wedding budget on some footage like this:

Click here to see dance floor footage. Would you pay for this?


Beware of Tech Gimmicks

There is a lot of cool technology out there in the world. We live in a day and age where new tools and devices for capturing video footage are coming out on what seems like a daily basis. It’s natural to be impressed by a wedding videographer who is boasting about using some state-of-the-art technology. But consider yourself warned—cool tech doesn’t make you an expert cinematographer. And what’s more, with so much new technology coming out all the time, it’s quite possible that your videographer hasn’t mastered the use of the new device himself. Take this “drone wedding photographer” for instance:

(The madness begins at the 1:15 mark)

Click here to see what happens when drone meets bride.


Poor Planning between Videographer and Photographer

Photography and videography can team up to make a really cool wedding video. However, if your photographer promises to provide videography services too, or if your videographer thinks that you can make a wedding video by setting up a tripod and leaving it there during the ceremony, you may end up with footage like this:

(This video has no sound, but skip to :20, :55, 1:25, and 2:29 to see some seriously terrible footage.)

Click here to see some great footage…of the photographers.


Cameras Making Your Guests Awkward

Lots of wedding videographers will tell you that they’ll capture messages from your guests. Some may even bring microphones. While this idea may sound cool, there’s no avoiding the fact that talking to cameras makes many people nervous. Check out this cringe-worthy example of the kind of footage you’ll get if you hire a wedding videographer who sticks his camera in your guests’ faces:

(Consider yourself warned, this is about to get awkward, but if you can stomach the whole video, it gets even more awkward at the end!)

Click here: no words can describe this guest’s message.


How About a Good Example?

These are just a few examples of why you can’t hire just anyone to complete your wedding video. But what makes a good wedding video? Check out this sample to see for yourself:

Click here for a wedding video actually worth watching–finally!


What made this video so awesome? We discovered the perfect recipe for a great wedding video.

We use a team of highly skilled videography professionals and high quality cameras to capture all of the traditional moments. But the secret to our success is our proprietary Flashbox Kiosk. The kiosk simultaneously ignites fun and captures memories on the dance floor. But when it’s not capturing memories on the dance floor, our kiosk also serves as a video guest book, giving guests the opportunity to plan something heartfelt to say, or share a funny memory, all without the nerve-racking feeling of having a cameraman in your face

We always work with the bride and the photographer to include your favorite photos in the video. But recently we’ve added a new wrinkle: the ability to include social media posts from your guests in the video. By simply sharing your wedding hashtag with us, we’ll have access to anything posted, tweeted, or shared by your guests.

Of course, capturing the footage is only the first part of the process at Flashbox Films. Unlike many video novices or bargain videographers who just send you the raw footage, we edit it all together with music and cinema-quality transitions to create a product so cool, you’ll want to show all of your friends. And that’s perfect because we’ll send you a digital version of the video that you can upload to Facebook and tag all of your friends in.

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