The Traditional Wedding Video Downfall

The Wedding Video Downfall

A Story of the Shortcomings of Traditional Wedding Videography

Your wedding day is one of those momentous occasions you will have together as a couple. It’s a day that you will remember fondly and reflect back on throughout your marriage. I’m not just saying this. I’ve witnessed it happen firsthand.

Jessica and Larry are two very close friends of mine who have been married for twelve years. On a weekly basis, I join them at their house for dinner and to hang out. Each week as we sit in their dining room, I see them laugh together, challenge one another, and most importantly, love one another.

One night after dinner, we decided to watch the videos from their wedding ceremony and reception. That’s right, I said videos – plural. Traditional wedding videos are often a chronological capturing of the entire event. This also means they are very long and often require multiple discs.

When we sat down, we didn’t have time to watch the entire ceremony—a catholic mass—and a three hour reception. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t have wanted to watch it even if we did have the time. The truth is, twelve years after that day, Jessica and Larry didn’t want to relive every second of the day. They were looking to relive specific moments.

As we fast-forwarded through large portions of the videos, searching for “those specific moments,” inevitably I would hear Jessica say to Larry, “No, no. You’ve gone too far. You missed it. Go back.”  Or I would hear Larry ask questions like “did your brother try to imitate dirty dancing with your aunt before or after the train line dance?” In the end, we spent more time trying to find their treasured moments and watching them.

So, what wedding day moments meant the most to Jessica and Larry? Not surprisingly, they are those same moments that are treasured by parents and friends , and yes, the same moments that you will treasure after you finally tie the knot:


Traditional Moments. With every ceremony and reception, there are moments that we consider essential to a wedding. The procession into the church. The exchanging of vows and “I dos.” Cutting the wedding cake. Sharing the first dance. These traditional moments and more are where Jessica and Larry paused and played their videos. These moments have special meaning because every wedding you attended before and after yours repeated these traditions, but in this video, this is where those moments became more than traditions. They became your moments that are uniquely yours.

Moments with Loved Ones. An often unexpected treasure found within wedding videos are moments involving loved ones who have passed on. On the day of your wedding, you will surround yourself with the people who mean the most to you. As the years continue on, these people may not remain in your life, but the memory of them will on your wedding video. When watching the videos, Jessica was excited to see shots of her grandmother, who has since passed. Lingering on the shot of her grandmother, Jessica retold the story of who her grandmother was and why she meant so much to her. Jessica’s only regret was that her videographer never recorded messages from her guests because she would have enjoyed to hear her grandmother speak to her once more.

Fun Moments. The stories you retell year after year at every holiday gathering and get-together are the funny moments, both intentional and unintentional, from your wedding day. Moments like when the flower girl was so nervous that the maid of honor had to carry her down the aisle to her mother. Or moments like when your brother confused himself with Michael Jackson on the dance and attempted to do what he considered to be the moonwalk. On their wedding videos, these are the moments that Jessica and Larry not only searched for among other moments, but wanted to replay again and again.

The downfall of the traditional wedding video is its chronological format.  This time-sequenced format forces you to work so hard to relive treasured moments that most people never want to put out that effort and inevitably, their wedding videos end up collecting dust on a shelf. The solution to this downfall is a cinematographic film the makes these treasured moments the focus of the film and all within a timeframe that you can comfortably watch again and again. Lucky for you, that’s just what Flashbox Films does. Click here to watch a sample.