5 Wedding Reception Dance Moves You Need to Know

5 Wedding Reception Dance Moves you Need to Know

The vows are shared, the cake has been cut, and the bouquet has been thrown. Now DJ is cranking up the volume.  Are you ready to hit the dance floor? The excitement and energy of the wedding reception may depend on you! That’s right—whether you’re in the bridal party, a guest at the wedding, or the guest of honor, you could be the one that steps onto the dance floor with the confidence to get everybody out of their chairs on onto the dance floor.  But don’t just run out onto the floor and start doing “the sprinkler,” or else you may have just the opposite effect. It is important that you have a few key dance moves in your arsenal in order to look good and have fun. Here are five wedding reception dance moves that you must master before you next hit a wedding dance floor.

  1. The Charleston—normally we’d advise against gimmicky dance moves. (I mean, come on, do you really want everybody to know that you spent hours learning all of the moves to “Gangnam Style?”) The notable exception is the Charleston.  Take a second and imagine the roaring parties of The Great Gatsby.  The Charleston was a staple back then, and breaking out the official dance of the 1920s will simultaneously show people that you’ve got an appreciation for classic dance styles and that you’re self-confident and ready to have a good time. You don’t have to be Jay Gatsby to do this move (although it definitely wouldn’t hurt!) Click here to learn! 
  2. The Box Step—ever wished there was a way to dance to slow songs and ballads without looking like a middle schooler at the homecoming dance? The Box Step is the perfect solution.  A simple, yet elegant dance that looks much better than the “hands on her hips/around his neck and sway back and forth.” This dance can even work for the first dance or the father/daughter and mother/son dances. Click this link to learn the basic steps. 
  3. The Electric Slide—the electric slide is a simple, fun dance that has become a staple of all weddings, no matter your age.  Being on the dance floor without knowing the steps is not only embarrassing, but in the case of this song, it can be hazardous to your health!  It can result in you getting elbowed or punched in the head by another over-zealous dancer. And health risk or not, it kills your cool points when you flee the dance floor upon hearing the opening bars of the song. Although it may look confusing to you if you’ve never learned, you can learn it in five minutes—the dance repeats throughout the song, so once you learn the basic step, you’re good to go. Click here to learn it. 
  4. Salsa—up-beat music does not require you to bump and grind! Show everybody at the wedding that you’ve learned a few more moves since your high school prom (and avoid shocking and offending the groom’s grandmother) by throwing in some salsa.  Whether it’s actually a Latin song is not an issue—salsa dancing works perfectly paired with hip-hop music too. Learn the basics here.
  5. D Low Shuffle—this song and dance is sweeping the wedding and dancing scene! It’s a fun dance with a lot of moves, and is sure to please. Although it is a fun dance to orchestrate with a big group, it is not out of the question for it to be done as a humorous twist on the father/daughter dance! I’ve seen it in person! Click here to learn the moves.

Whatever wedding reception dance moves the wedding guests break out, you will not want to forget these moments.  Flashbox Films is a great way to capture all of the best moments from your wedding, including the unforgettable dance moves, and more importantly, it’s a great way to relive them in cinematic quality. Click here to learn more about what Flashbox Films can do to revolutionize the videography at your upcoming wedding.