12 Wedding Moments that Only Film Can Capture

12 Wedding Moments that Only Film Can Capture

If you’ve heard it once from a bride on a budget, you’ve heard it a dozen times: “We’re not doing wedding videography. What’s the point? We have a photographer coming.” There’s no disputing the fact that a good wedding photographer is a must-have for every wedding. While still photographs are a great way to document a wedding, there are so many moments that photos simply don’t do justice to the event. At Flashbox Films, our wedding videography captures all the important parts of a wedding, including the traditional moments, personalized messages from guests, and fun moments at the reception.  Here are just a few wedding moments that only film can capture:

The First “Appearance” of the Bride

You will look stunning, of course, in the pictures, but nothing compares to the moment when the bride steps into the doorway and the whole crowd turns to look.  While photos may capture some reaction shots, the video really captures the energy and emotion, on the part of the guests and perhaps even more pricelessly, on the face of the groom.

The Vows

In many ways, the vows are like the “mission statement” of your marriage. Whether you’ve written your own vows or you are reciting traditional ones, this will be a moment you want to cherish and relive again and again.  The moment goes by so fast that it will be hard to remember, even if you’ve rehearsed them a hundred times.

The Kiss

The best moment of your entire life to date…need I say more?

The Recessional and Bubbles

As the bride and groom are pronounced man and wife, there are a whole new set of reactions from the crowd. While tears and awe are on the faces of the couple and the crowd when the bride first appears, it’s joy and excitement this time around. Plus, you’ll definitely want to see how perfect you look as you run through the receiving line, hundreds of bubbles floating through the air, marking the path to your awaiting car, complete with tin cans on strings and “just married” graffiti.

Personalized Messages from Friends and Loved Ones

It goes without saying that your wedding is one of the most joyous occasions, not only for you, but for your family and loved ones as well. What you may not think about, though, is that you will be able to enjoy personalized messages from people like your grandparents, even years after they have passed on. The captured footage of your relatives and friends sharing personal messages with you will be reason enough to watch your wedding video again and again for years to come.

Arrival at the Reception

“I present to you…for the first time in public…Mr. and Mrs…” This is another special moment to capture the reaction from the crowd and to relive the joy and excitement that you were experiencing as you were introduced at the reception. And as a bonus, sometimes your bridesmaids and groomsmen will have planned goofy entrances into the reception hall.  After all, they’ve had to come up with some way to amuse themselves through all of these rehearsals and car rides. You won’t want to forget these moments.

The Toasts

The wedding toasts can be the most hilarious or heartwarming parts of the entire wedding. While your wedding photography may capture the laughter on the faces of you and the crowd, there is only one way to relive these timeless speeches.

The Special Dances

The Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances are very touching moments. You may never see your father show as much emotion as you do during his dance with “his little girl” who’s now officially all grown up. And while your new mother-in-law may get under your skin when she questions your cooking techniques, there’s no denying that seeing her dance with your new husband is a moment to treasure. And, of course, you’ll want to see how all those ballroom dancing lessons paid off during your First Dance.

Cutting the Cake

We’ve all seen the movies. Somebody’s getting cake smashed in his or her face. There may not be a reaction as candid in the whole wedding as the reaction of the person who just became the cake monster.

Your friends singing “Don’t Stop Believing”

These moments are impossible to plan: some song comes on—maybe it’s Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” maybe it’s Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”—but whatever the song, you will absolutely howl as you watch the footage of these spontaneous group sing-alongs. Click here for an example.

The Best Man’s Amazing Dance Moves (Who knew?!)

It is almost a guarantee that somebody at your wedding will blow you away with her dance skills. It is also a guarantee that somebody will totally embarrass himself on the dance floor. Whatever the moment, there is no way to relieve it without videography. While dance floor photographs are dark and blurry, dance floor videos are a surefire homerun.

The Farewell

It will feel like the reception was over before you could blink. As all of your best friends hold up sparklers, the footage of you bidding the crowd farewell will be some of the coolest footage you’ve ever seen.


The whole wedding day will go by so fast! Don’t rely on photographs to help you remember the whole experience—make sure that you capture all of the important moments so you can relive it for the rest of your life.  Don’t get us wrong—we love photographers. In fact, at Flashbox Films, we even incorporate pictures from the wedding photographer into our videos. But Flashbox Films doesn’t just capture all every important moment—we turn them all into a cinematic experience that you’ll watch over and over again. But don’t take our word for it. Learn more here.