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Video Guestbook

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There are few other occasions in your lifetime, if any, where a higher concentration of your friends, family, and loved ones are gathered together in the same place at the same time. Flashbox Films wants to make sure you can capture a personalized greeting from everybody.


It’s difficult to get to spend time with your wedding guests, so this lead to the invention of the guestbook, which gives each guest an opportunity to write a heartfelt greeting to help you remember who was there. Flashbox Films takes the idea of the guestbook one step further by making it digital—instead of writing the greeting, your guests will each have the opportunity to leave personal well-wishes, advice, humorous anecdotes and personality! More so than anything, this allows you to feel like you really spent quality time with each of the guests at your wedding. And best of all, your guests will record their greetings with our sleek Flashbox device, not with a camera operator sticking a microphone into their faces, which assures that your guests will be comfortable and candid.

One of the most important parts of a wedding is spending time with your loved ones, particularly people like your grandparents, who might not be around forever, or best friends whom you barely see anymore. An additional added value from the Flashbox Films comes when our Video Testimonials capture the essence of those guests most special to you. Yours personalized Flashbox Films greetings from these guests will be a treasured memory to help you remember these people and the wonderful impact they have had on your life.


Your final production from Flashbox Films is a video that incorporates your Video Guestbook greetings and photos into your larger wedding video, along with the traditional moments and fun moments, all of which will make you want to watch your Flashbox Film over and over.