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Tribune Review Author: Lori Lemieux

What has only one eye and adds character to any wedding? Although the tendency would be to think outside the box to solve this riddle, you may be surprised to know that the answer actually IS the box. FlashBox, that is.

It is the newest trend in wedding videography – a stand-alone video recording kiosk that captures the candid and oftentimes hilarious messages of your guest “to have and to hold” for posterity.

Simply put, “FlashBox is a guestbook that comes to life,” says 18-year wedding industry veteran Natalie Berger of Natalie’s Event Planning. “It is a wonderful way to capture the true emotion and excitement of those people for whom you’ve chosen to share in your special day.”

Fellow expert Bonnie Walker, of Bonnie Walker Events, agrees. “FlashBox is about bringing your memories alive and keeping them alive.”

Beyond Traditional

Designed by three “techie” graduates of Carnegie Mellon University, this product takes traditional videography a step further by memorializing the entire event in a way photographs or video can’t. Add to it the professional graphics and music reminiscent of high-end programming and you have a unique and more comprehensive portrayal of your special day.

“When you hire a videographer of photographer you get just that,” explains Agatha Tis, mother of brides Regina and Renee. “But with FlashBox you not only get fun and memorable video of your guests, you also have the opportunity to incorporate those photos and video highlights into the finished product.”

FlashBox also captures special moments that a videographer often misses. “Videographers don’t always film the guests because they are too busy following the bride and groom,” explains Julie Lerro whose spring wedding feature FlashBox. “That’s why we chose FlashBox. It gave us a way to relive the day and to experience the fun from our guests’ point of view.”

No pressure

Certainly one of the most unique elements of FlashBox is its approachability. Beacause it is an unassuming part of the entire reception, guests are able to take time to “kick the tires” before producing the messages, songs, skits and hilarious antics that become the treasures of the finished product.

“You’d be surprised at how many people will go all out when the pressure is off,” says Natalie Berger. “The messages are more authentic and from the heart when people are comfortable.” “It’s the spontaneity of it,” adds Agatha Tis. “Our guests felt unencumbered and were more willing to go up a few times to the kiosk and try it out. With a video camera in your face, however, you are less likely to give a natural response.”


The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity with FlashBox. Because of the nature of the kiosk, it can be moved to any location the client prefers in order to capture the most candid shots. Couples may choose to set the kiosk outside the door to the reception hall as the guests arrive, to place it in a less conspicuous area in the reception room, or to be more imaginative and position it in the middle of the action.

“Some couples actually bring the FlashBox onto the dance floor to record the guests and the results are fantastic,” says Bonnie Walker. “People get right in there with it – they sing to it, dance with it. It created great memories for the bride and groom.”

The Big Picture

Though cost may be a consideration (prices range between $1,000 – $2,000), it may ease the nuptial pocket book to know that the cost of FlashBox is as competitive as the other conventional choices. In fact, thinking outside the box of “tradition” seems to offer the greater value. Since FlashBox allows you to add your favorite photos and wedding highlight video to the unique segments captures by the kiosk, all images benefit from FlashBox’s professional editing process.

“It’s so different from the traditional video,” explains Claire Stewart, newlywed and FlashBox client, “in the sense that it’s a unique way of capturing everything from your special day. Our wedding vows, the speeches…and extra clips were also added, which makes the video have personal value.”

Julie Lerro agrees. “My husband really enjoyed the video because he could watch the ceremony in a condensed version and get to the stuff he really wanted to see – the messages from our guests,” says Lerro. It’s like being there with them each time we watch the DVD. We get to relive the fun of the day and it’s something we will have for the rest of our lives.”