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At Flashbox Films, we provide traditional wedding videography, meaning that we capture all types of memories and moments. Our camera crews come to the ceremony, regardless of the location, and we take great care to capture the important angles of traditional moments like the procession, the vows, and of course, the kiss. Our videography team is not limited to the ceremony.


So many of the most important traditional moments take place at the reception— moments like the first dances and the toasts, and the fun moments like the cutting of the cake and the bouquet toss—and our camera crews immortalize these moments too.

Where Flashbox Films differs from your average wedding videographer, however, is the way in which we present these traditional moments to you in your own Flashbox Film. The overwhelming majority of wedding videos are filmed in a linear fashion. The result is a long, boring video that requires you to fast forward through many filler shots to find exciting footage.


Unfortunately, this type of video often ends up gathering dust in a drawer or a closet. Inspired to change this, the innovators at Flashbox Films do wedding videos differently. A Flashbox Film is a true cinematic experience that take all of the traditional moments and edits them together beautifully with the Video Guestbook, still photos, and other Fun Moments to make a final product that brides, grooms, families and friends would want to watch over and over.