Top 5 Trends in Wedding Videos

With the magical day coming up, those butterflies begin to flutter! When it comes to the wedding video, it is important to have an idea of which styles and ideas can be incorporated in the ceremony and reception. There are many options whether a couple prefers off-the-cuff videography to showcase their spontaneity or maybe they are more traditionalist at heart and want more of a backstory and choreography to capture the love they have as a couple. Whatever the decision is, these Pittsburgh wedding video ideas may provide some inspiration to finding the perfect style.

Cinematic Style
A far cry from the boring camera-on-a-tripod method, cinematic style is shot much like a movie is: with interesting angles and close-up shots punctuated by wide-angle shots, all shown in real-time. This gives your video a spontaneous, modern, in-the-moment feel. The result is more of a wedding day movie rather than a home video, with the viewer feeling as though they’re actually experiencing the event. Cinematic wedding videos require state of the art film making equipment, such as lighting kits and shot stabilizers, as well as expert editing to produce a movie theater-worthy work of art.

Same-Day Edit
For the utmost involvement with your guests in your special day, one of the latest videography ideas is a same-day-edit video. Your videographer shoots the wedding ceremony, quickly edits it, and then shows your guests on the big screen during the reception. Why wait weeks to have the footage you want to show off? This achieves the memory captured all in one day, allowing for an interactive reception element.

Mixed Media
These days, wedding videos don’t have to be one-size-fits-all. When searching for wedding video services in Pittsburgh, consider those that offer a mixed media approach. This combines various filming styles all in one for a textured, multi-dimensional feel. Up-and-coming videographers can mix formats, such as grainy Super-8, cinematic and documentary for a dynamic wedding video that shifts its tone to match each part of the wedding.

Following a documentary-style format, the journalistic style captures the wedding day as it happens, in chronological order. A videographer who follows this style will typically stay in the background and shoot events as they happen, allowing them to unfold naturally.

This style is a play on the words “marriage” and “karaoke” with the end result being a music video-esque celebration of the day. Videographers film the couple and guests lip syncing to a particular song throughout the reception. The majority of the work takes place in the editing room, where the filmmaker compiles the footage and edits it to become a mock music video.

There are many wedding video styles to choose from. If you are planning for a wedding, select the one that speaks to you as a couple! For more wedding video ideas, talk to the professionals at Flashbox Films.