The Top 5 Components to an Amazing Flashbox Film

The Top 5 Components to an Amazing Flashbox Film

Years from now, you’ll remember your wedding day and think of the unforgettable moments like standing together at the altar, sharing the first kiss as husband and wife, and of course, grandma strutting her stuff on the dance floor during the wedding reception. These are memories you will never forget. But before you miss the opportunity, we want to share a way for you to create memories that would never have happened without the Flashbox Film.

Yes, you’ll still remember grandma’s dancing, but now friends and family have the opportunity to share stories, words of wisdom, and heartfelt moments as well as hilarious ones that will keep you laughing together over the years. Unlike a typical videographer which can sometimes seem overwhelming and intrusive, the Flashbox Films kiosk is interactive and creates an environment where guests are comfortable sharing stories and just being themselves.

We want to make sure that you and every couple make the most of their Flashbox Film! So, we’ve created a list of the 5 things that we believe make for an amazing Flashbox Film, capturing all of the special moments that you’ll never want to forget.

Note to Self.

First, it’s your turn. Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, what will you want to tell your future selves about this moment in your lives? This is a time to share the excitement of a new stage of life and the beginning of a journey together.

Message from mom.

Okay, so the message doesn’t have to be from mom. This message can be from another family member or friend, but it should be from someone that you and your husband or wife are close to. This sincere message is one that means most because the person genuinely know you and your relationship.

Musical Performance.

One great advantage with the Flashbox Film is that it is interactive and provides an easy going opportunity for guests to engage with the film. Encourage your guests to sing along with one of your favorite songs or create one of their own. This is something you and your loved one will love to look back on as well as the guests who chose to serenade you.

Grandma’s Dance Moves.

We all have a relative who is the life of the party at all family gatherings. Whether it is Grandma, Grandpa or a sorority sister who claims she’ll be famous for her dance rendition of ‘Twist and Shout,’ you will want this on your film. A Flashbox Film that will have you crying from laughter will include the dance moves of your loved ones.

Get Creative.

It may be a poem, a rap, or a dance compilation, but it’s time to get creative. Get your bridal party together and create something that everyone will have a great time looking back on. You don’t want the typical wedding video, you want something that all guests are excited to look back at, bringing back memories they can smile and laugh about and share with you.