Three Musical Considerations For Your Wedding Video’s Soundtrack

music for wedding videosOn any given day in the United States, approximated 7,000 couples walk down the aisle. One thing that all of them may have in common is the desire to have something with them that will allow them to perfectly remember their special day.

Wedding videography services can help preserve and immortalize the memory of your perfect day. There are tons of great ideas for wedding videos out there, including letting your guests play filmmaker by capturing their own videos and giving them to you, or having a video guestbook. No matter what wedding video ideas you have, though, you’ve got to pick the perfect music to pair it with.

The right music for wedding videos sets the tone and the mood. You can make the audience feel joyful, nostalgic, or downright emotional with carefully chosen music for wedding videos. To help you perfect your own video, here’s a few ideas about what songs and music for wedding videos you should choose.

1. Uplifting Orchestral Pieces.

For portions of the video that show the actual ceremony, it’s good to go with something uplifting — something that makes you feel cheer in your heart. People will often look to classical composers to find uplifting pieces, but if you want truly unique pieces of music for wedding videos, but still something orchestral, you may find inspiration from original movie soundtracks, which are loaded with perfect background music that can make viewers feel uplifted.

2. Exciting Party Jams.

For segments of the reception, why not put classic hits in the background? Songs like “September” by Earth Wind and Fire, “Dancing In the Moonlight,” covered by Toploader, “You Shook Me All Night Long,” by AC/DC, “Celebration,” by Kool and the Gang, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, or “Love and Happiness” by Al Green are the perfect soundtracks for the big party scenes.

3. Emotionally Wrenching Tunes.

You have got to include the best man speech, the father-daughter dance, the cutting of the cake, and all the other emotionally charged parts of the wedding. For these scenes, the right songs can give people that final push to start crying. Songs like Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be, U2’s “With or Without You,” The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” and The Goo Goo Dolls’s “Iris” are all perfect.

These are just a few suggestions to help you choose the perfect music for wedding videos. If you have any questions, or even any more suggestions about what music for wedding videos you should consider, feel free to share in the comments!