The Flashbox Experience

A Wedding Video Unlike Any Other

The Flashbox Experience: Key Elements In Each Film

Traditional Videography


 We provide complete wedding videography, capturing all of memories and moments.

 Video Guestbook


We capture personalized, heartfelt greetings from your guests.

 Create Fun Moments


Spontaneous and charming footage that you’ll want to watch over and over.

 Social Media


Pick your favorite wedding Tweets, Posts and Instagrams to incorporate into your Flashbox Film.

Get a Wedding Video Unlike Any Other

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There Is Only One Flashbox Films

For the price of a professional video, FlashBox Films captures not only moments from the event, but sets the stage for creating impromptu memories with your guests as well as incorporates your still photography. We don’t make videos, we create an experience.

Our videographers film all the traditional moments, but when we add in the recordings captured by The FlashBox Kiosk, that’s when your video becomes truly awesome. Everyone, including the guests of honor, become active players making memories that would otherwise never have been created. And the “icing on the cake” is the FUN the kiosk helps to generate. You just have to see it…smiles, joy, and laughter everywhere. We can even edit in lots of photos you provide, be they from your lifetime as well as your event.

So when you put all this together, in one professionally produced video that is visually stunning, you can see why our clients actually watch their FlashBox Films over and over. FlashBox Films never gather dust! Make sure to watch the testimonials of many of our past clients.

Produced in FlashFusion

After your big day is over, our best work begins. Using our proprietary process of “FlashFusion™,” we artfully combine a variety of your media including traditional videography, FlashBox Kiosk-generated content, social media, and still photos.

Not a single second is wasted. No boring filler – like guests standing around drinking. To top it off, exquisite broadcast caliber computer animated graphics and soundtrack will enhance the presentation and beauty of your film.

Traditional Wedding Videography

It's only the beginning

Hear from happy Flashbox clients

Get a Wedding Video Unlike Any Other

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At Flashbox Films, we provide traditional wedding videography, meaning that we capture all types of memories and moments. Our camera crews come to the ceremony, regardless of the location, and we take great care to capture the important angles of traditional moments like the procession, the vows, and of course, the kiss. Our videography team is not limited to the ceremony.


So many of the most important traditional moments take place at the reception— moments like the first dances and the toasts, and the fun moments like the cutting of the cake and the bouquet toss—and our camera crews immortalize these moments too.

Where Flashbox Films differs from your average wedding videographer, however, is the way in which we present these traditional moments to you in your own Flashbox Film. The overwhelming majority of wedding videos are filmed in a linear fashion. The result is a long, boring video that requires you to fast forward through many filler shots to find exciting footage.


Unfortunately, this type of video often ends up gathering dust in a drawer or a closet. Inspired to change this, the innovators at Flashbox Films do wedding videos differently. A Flashbox Film is a true cinematic experience that take all of the traditional moments and edits them together beautifully with the Video Guestbook, still photos, and other Fun Moments to make a final product that brides, grooms, families and friends would want to watch over and over.

Video Guestbook

A Twist on the Traditional

Video Guestbook

Get A Wedding Video Unlike Any Other

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There are few other occasions in your lifetime, if any, where a higher concentration of your friends, family, and loved ones are gathered together in the same place at the same time. Flashbox Films wants to make sure you can capture a personalized greeting from everybody.


It’s difficult to get to spend time with your wedding guests, so this lead to the invention of the guestbook, which gives each guest an opportunity to write a heartfelt greeting to help you remember who was there. Flashbox Films takes the idea of the guestbook one step further by making it digital—instead of writing the greeting, your guests will each have the opportunity to leave personal well-wishes, advice, humorous anecdotes and personality! More so than anything, this allows you to feel like you really spent quality time with each of the guests at your wedding. And best of all, your guests will record their greetings with our sleek Flashbox device, not with a camera operator sticking a microphone into their faces, which assures that your guests will be comfortable and candid.

One of the most important parts of a wedding is spending time with your loved ones, particularly people like your grandparents, who might not be around forever, or best friends whom you barely see anymore. An additional added value from the Flashbox Films comes when our Video Testimonials capture the essence of those guests most special to you. Yours personalized Flashbox Films greetings from these guests will be a treasured memory to help you remember these people and the wonderful impact they have had on your life.


Your final production from Flashbox Films is a video that incorporates your Video Guestbook greetings and photos into your larger wedding video, along with the traditional moments and fun moments, all of which will make you want to watch your Flashbox Film over and over.

Creating Fun Moments

Memories to Watch Over and Over

Capturing Fun Moments

Get A Wedding Video Unlike Any Other

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Perhaps the most memorable parts of a wedding are those spontaneous ones that take place on the dance floor, and Flashbox Films has the perfect formula for capturing them. Almost every couple faces the same dilemma—they have to choose between not videotaping the reception and therefore missing out on preserving these spontaneous memories, or sending a camera into the fray on the dance floor and risking killing the mood by sticking a camera in people’s faces.


At Flashbox Films, we have developed the perfect solution. Instead of sending a camera operator onto the dance floor, we put the sleek, subtle Flashbox device on the dance floor. People feel comfortable dancing and singing in front of the device, and when the moment is right, we can even take it a step further by handing a prop microphone to the crowd during a few of the best group sing-along tunes.

The end result is spontaneous and charming footage that you’ll want to watch over and over. Flashbox Films didn’t just capture these moments, we helped to create them for you! Plus, edited together with our other Classic Moments and the Video Guestbook, your film is a cinematic production that tells the story of your wedding day in a way you will want to watch again and again.

Socialize Your Wedding

Incorporate all your favorite social content into your video

Social Media In Your Wedding Video

Get A Wedding Video Unlike Any Other

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Along with all of the footage captured by our camera crew, don’t miss the heartfelt message that the groom recorded on the Flashbox at the :19 mark, and don’t miss the incorporation of wedding guests’ social media content at 2:37.
Let’s face it – weddings have gone digital. The great social media wedding debate is outdated. It’s no longer of question of whether you should or shouldn’t use a wedding hashtag, but why wouldn’t you use one?

At Flashbox Films, we recognize the wedding hashtag for the opportunity that it is: a chance to socialize your wedding. But beyond that, we view social media as an opportunity to collect great, unique, and beautiful content for your wedding video. If you’re like most brides, you want your wedding to be a social success. You’ll spend hours tasting food, assembling the perfect playlist, and planning each small moment of your big day. All the while, you’ll be posting updates for your friends and family on social media. All you need to do is get your guests to add a hashtag to the end of each of your posts. We’ll do the rest.