Sustainable Wedding

Sustainable Wedding: The 21st Century Guestbook

Reduce Paper, Save Memories

There are 2.5 million weddings each year in the United States alone. According to The Green Bride Guide, if every bride this year had a paper aisle runner it would circle the globe twice! Paper for invitations could cover the island of Manhattan. As most countries in the world look to become more sustainable, why not your wedding? The love you vow on your big day is ever-lasting and continually renewed throughout your life, so wouldn’t it be unique if your wedding also reflected this truth?

Weddings in general use a lot of material, just once. Think of all the single-use items you might not think of at first – multiple napkins and cups per guest, making bridesmaid dresses, a single-use wedding dress, flowers ordered in for the centerpieces, paper for programs and invitations, the guest book – think of that Pinterest board you’ve got going and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Then there’s the guests. They’re out choosing the most perfect card for your shower and wedding that you’ll no doubt feel wonderful reading, but where will it go later? As a bride who got a few cards herself, I can tell you these sweet tokens are a few days away from the recycling bin as I write this, and my wedding was eight months ago. Another girlfriend of mine kept all her cards about a year, then pared down her collection to ones with special notes written in them. During the busy reception, as much as a bride may want to visit with everyone who made time to attend, it can be almost impossible.

What if there were a digital solution to remember your partygoers? A way to capture all the sweet well-wishes from the amazing folks who made the wedding a real event. Not to mention reduce the space taken up in your newlywed apartment with boxes of cards and momentos.  Enter Flashbox Films with the video guestbook! This innovative solution can stand in for everything from the guestbook to individual cards, and the final product takes up zero space in your newlywed home. Why? Because it’s a tiny file safe on your computer, and full of the memories of guests who had a great time creating personalized messages for you.
From silly to serious, Flashbox captures each wedding guest’s real feelings, since there’s no cameraman behind the len of the video guest book or the dance floor kiosk to make them feel rushed or awkward. Speaking of true feelings, what if you and your new spouse got the chance to swing by the video booth and tell your future self how you felt about the day? Think you’ll have time to write spur-of-the-moment feelings down on paper as your guests are pulling you onto the dance floor? Nope! As a bride who partied herself out until it was time for the grand exit, once I left the wedding my elation quickly turned to exhaustion and I knew I wouldn’t be able to remember how I really felt in the middle of my own reception. I also don’t keep a journal, so besides the pictures all I have left of my dear guests are several cards and the guestbook. Though I treasure these sweet words written in them, the multiple exclamation points and smiley faces peppering the paper are ghostly marks representing someone bursting at the seams to share their love. Flashbox is the 21st century solution to age-old tradition of showering the newlyweds with wishes for the future during one of life’s most fleeting moments.

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