Socialize Your Wedding

Portia Wells and her now-husband Mark Trammell had not planned on using a hashtag for their wedding ceremony. In fact, in the great debate of whether to use or ban social media during their reception, the couple decided to leave the option to their guests’ discretion. Therefore, it came as a welcome and pleasant surprise when the newlyweds surveyed their social media accounts the morning after their nuptials and discovered that most of the posts about their wedding were labeled with the hashtag #tramwells.

“We were able to find all of these amazing pictures and videos online, all under one hashtag,” Ms. Wells told the New York Times. “We saw pictures the photographer couldn’t have captured: gorgeous photos taken from a completely different perspective.”

Needless to say, Ms. Wells was satisfied with her impromptu wedding hashtag experience. And she is not alone. According to a recent survey conducted by Mashable and, 55% of weddings in 2014 used a wedding hashtag. Of the brides surveyed, 20% even went so far as to promote the use of their hashtag by publishing it within their wedding program. And of the remaining percentage who did not use a wedding hashtag or luck out like Portia Wells, 10% regretted not using a wedding hashtag.

But is it really so surprising that a hashtag has become a wedding must have? After all, of the brides married in 2014, 70% were already pinning about their wedding even before they got engaged, 52% announced their engagement within hours or the next day on social media, and 89% used one or more wedding planning apps to browse gowns, make checklists, stay organized, and track countdowns.

Let’s face it – weddings have gone digital. The great social media wedding debate is outdated. It’s no longer of question of whether you should or shouldn’t use a wedding hashtag, but why wouldn’t you use one?

At Flashbox Films, we recognize the wedding hashtag for the opportunity that it is: a chance to socialize your wedding. But beyond that, we view social media as an opportunity to collect great, unique, and beautiful content for your wedding video. If you’re like most brides, you want your wedding to be a social success. You’ll spend hours tasting food, assembling the perfect playlist, and planning each small moment of your big day. All the while, you’ll be posting updates for your friends and family on social media. All you need to do is get your guests to add a hashtag to the end of each of your posts. We’ll do the rest.

Establishing a wedding hashtag will benefit both you and us. On your end, it will allow you to track all of your updates and let your friends and family contribute to the fun too. By the end of your wedding night, you will have a fully cataloged journey of not only the past day, but of your entire transition from life of singleness to happily wedded couple. This is a keepsake in and of itself. On our end, it will allow us to have even more great content to make you want to watch your video again and again by adding the hashtagged posts into your video..

When you look back on your wedding, we want you to remember more than the standard moments. For the price of a professional video, Flashbox Films sets the stage for creating impromptu memories with your guests as well as incorporates your still photography and content from your wedding hashtag. At Flashbox Films, we don’t make videos, we create an experience.

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