Need-to-Know Questions to Ask A Wedding Videographer

The big day is approaching, and you’re finally getting married!

Most likely you are excited and nervous about the upcoming nuptials and the endless things to think about and organize. Weddings require a lot of planning, right! At this point, you may be considering whether to hire a professional wedding videographer that can capture all of the special moments. We’re here to give you some suggestions on the questions to ask the wedding videographers during your search. 

What are the rates?
This is a fairly obvious question, but it’s also one that gets misconstrued. Don’t just ask for a flat rate — there’s a lot more that goes into a price quote than the base cost, including possible travel-related costs, extra prop and equipment fees, and overtime fees. Ask about the flat rate, sure, but also inquire about any available packages that could save you money and always request a detailed price list.

What is the style?
Not every videographer will gel with your personal style. Be sure to ask what style he or she incorporates into the event, such as documentary-style or cinematic-style. Some videographers prefer to spend a lot of one-on-one time with the couple during the wedding for more of a choreographed end result, while others opt to stay in the background and simply record events as they unfold.

What is the cxperience?
During your search for quality wedding videography in Pittsburgh, ask potential hires about the number of years that they’ve been in the business, types of weddings they specialize in, their storytelling approach, and whether or not they can provide you with work samples. View all samples to ensure that their experience and style fits what you’re looking for in a videographer.

How does the videographer coordinate with the photographer?
Sometimes videographers and photographers come from the same company and can be hired as a unit. Other times these are separate entities. In the latter case, it’s up to you to ask if your chosen videographer will work in conjunction with the photographer during the wedding. Ask if they work in tandem, or do they prefer to operate independently?

Do they use the latest technology?
When it comes to digital technology, many videographers employ the use of technological advancements in editing equipment, cameras and lighting to create the perfect keepsake for you. However, don’t just assume that your videographer has state-of-the-art equipment. Inquire about the age of cameras, microphones and editing tools.
Searching for the best videographer for your unique needs, budget and style doesn’t have to be complicated. Be prepared, do your research and ask the right questions. For any questions you have about your wedding videography, don’t be shy about asking Flashbox Films.