Pittsburgh Magazine names Flashbox Films “The Best Way to Capture a Wedding”

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Let’s be honest, wedding videographers are a little awkward. They stalk guests relentlessly and throw a camera in their face TMZ-style when they’re not prepared. The result is a wedding video that features nothing but stammering, confused friends repeating the same awkward congratulations. Enter Flashbox, the best thing to happen to weddings since the open bar. The Flashbox is a video kiosk that guests can approach of their own free will. This gives them time to prepare stories, inside jokes, marital tips-and even choreograph song and dance routines. The best part about having Flashbox at your wedding is that the company will edit hours of raw video into a polished final package that also includes traditional stuff like cutting the cake and dance-floor action (Flashbox is mobile and can be taken anywhere) mixed in with the personal messages from friends and family. Then the video can be easily shared online via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or email. No more VHS tapes collecting dust at the bottom of a shelf.


The Flashbox Films Kiosk can create a compilation of memories and moments a couple will never want to forget. If you are planning a wedding, make sure to check out our website today, http://theflashbox.wpengine.com.