How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Videos

A wedding video documents one of the most memorable days in a couple’s life together that they will want to watch for years to come. It’s important to keep a few tricks in mind to look your best in your wedding video. Below are some tips and tricks for the bride and groom to follow in order to look incredible on camera and in turn make the most of their Pittsburgh professional wedding video.

Create Great Lighting

The lighting while your wedding is being filmed has a great deal of influence on the quality of your wedding video. The correct amount of lighting enables Pittsburgh wedding videographers to provide you with the best quality of video shots. Not only should lighting be integrated into planning the setting for the wedding ceremony and reception, but the bride and groom should be aware of lighting in their surroundings during filming. Be careful not to duck into a darker area or a place flooded by sunlight for activities that you want to be filmed. When in doubt, the bride and groom should remain in a place where there is light near them, but not directly on them.

Keep Important Moments in View

For activities such as exchanging rings or cutting the cake, it is critical that the bride and groom pay attention to the location of the camera so they do not accidentally block important moments or objects with their bodies. For the best videos, the newlyweds should keep themselves positioned diagonally toward the camera so that important moments can be properly filmed by the wedding videographers. Consider placing small, hidden cameras throughout the venue to capture multiple angles.

Know that the Small Things Matter

Being aware of the types of actions that are unattractive on camera will help the bride, groom, and even the wedding party to look their best. Keep in mind that actions such as chewing gum and even eating typically don’t film well. Replace gum with mints and ask your videographer not to record people when they are eating. It is also important to act natural and not look at the video camera unless the videographer asks you to do so. The bride and groom should also pay attention to their posture to give off a healthier, more self-confident image.

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