How Flashbox Films Can Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

“Wow, that videographer really took that wedding reception to the next level!”

This is not a phrase that you hear often. In fact, you may have never heard anyone utter it in your life. For the most part, nobody views the wedding videography service as something that could make a wedding reception more fun. Think of the behavior of the videographers at the weddings you’ve attended.  The videographer is generally lurking in the corner of the dance floor with a tripod, or coming up to you with a camera and a microphone when you aren’t prepared to speak, or if you’ve been really unlucky, he is walking right out onto the dance floor, sticking his camera in the faces of groups of dancing guests. This is about as far from “taking it to the next level” as you can get, and unfortunately, this is pretty much the norm for wedding videography.

But Flashbox Films is not the norm.

At Flashbox Films, we’ve solved the problem of the creepy videographer on the dance floor, and we’ve actually turned our wedding dance floor videography into a signature feature that sets our videos apart from the endless other wedding videography clones on the market. One major component to making the dancefloor fun is our patented Flashbox Kiosk.

One of the highlights of Flashbox Films weddings happen when the people on the dancefloor are transformed into one big group of rockstars. The Flashbox Kiosk helps inspire these exact moments. Imagine capturing these moments of your bridesmaids, your groomsmen, your parents, and your best friends all serenading you or hamming it up to your favorite song. That’s what we do. Watch this example:



These moments weren’t captured by a camera man, and no photo booth or photographer could ever do anything like this. It’s only by bringing the Flashbox Kiosk, an elegant piece of technology, onto the dance floor that you can create and capture memories like these.  The mics on the kiosk pick up the singing, and the built-in camera gets all of the fun dance moves. The best part about the Flashbox Kiosk is that it makes the dance floor more fun no matter what the dynamic of your wedding. Whether your guests are shy about getting onto the dance floor, or your dance floor is rocking for the whole reception, the kiosk brings out the fun in everybody. And at the end of the night, the kiosk will have inspired dance floor moments and helped create memories that never would have happened without it!

Of course, we do send traditional videographers to capture the traditional and more formal moments of your wedding; the Kiosk is only one component of Flashbox Film’s recipe for the perfect wedding video. Click here to learn more about how we capture traditional moments, turn your boring guest book into a video guest book, and even make photos and well-wishes from your guests’ social media account into a complete, cinematic masterpiece that you will want to watch again and again.