A Groom’s Perspective on Wedding Videography

A Groom’s Perspective on Wedding Videography

Almost all of the hype surrounding a wedding seems to be centered on the bride. The bride is the one who has to pick the dress, and she’s generally the one who is the most involved and the most excited about things like the colors, the cake, the invitations, the reception venue, and so many other details that you, as the groom, make your head spin.  Let’s be honest—from the time they are young, women look forward to their weddings, and many believe it will be the single best day of their entire lives.  But where does this leave the groom? Here’s a look at the big day from the groom’s perspective.

On the day of your wedding, there is so much going on that you hardly have a moment to think.  The day starts early in the morning, as you try to make sure that your best buddies from high school and college have their suits and ties and shoes that aren’t sneakers. Chances are you have some last minute errands to run, whether that’s running to the florist to get bouquets, finally going to the store to buy the formalwear shoes and cufflinks you were told to get two months ago, or just helping your grandmother make it to the church.  Before you know it, you’re getting into your suit, someone is putting a flower on your lapel, and you’re standing at the front of the church. While the music is playing, familiar, friendly faces are smiling at you from the seats. Everything feels surreal. But suddenly, there she is. Time stands still for just a moment as your bride, your best friend, the love of your life, steps into the doorway.  In that moment, you realize that today isn’t just for the bride. Today is the best day of your life too.

At the end of the ceremony, you hardly remember the homily, the sharing of the rings, and the exchanging of vows. It feels like you just blinked and the ceremony is over. You and your new wife walk down the aisle together, get into a car and head off to the reception, which, as you’re probably learning by now, feels like a blur of events.  At the reception, you absent mindedly devour the food, have a mandatory dance with your mom and your bride, and say passing hellos to friends and family members you haven’t seen in years, all while trying to find just a moment to stop and soak in this amazing day. You see so many people you wish you could spend more time talking to, but you’re so busy trying to greet every single guest that it feels like you’re barely attending your own party.  Trying to appreciate the experience of your own wedding is basically impossible, and before you know it, you’re departing on your honeymoon.After a couple days, you look back and wonder if your wedding even really happened or if it was all just a dream. This moment, as a recently married man, may be the first time that the idea of wedding videography crosses your mind.

If you’re a pragmatic guy like me, you have probably heard your fiancé mention wedding videography at some point during the planning and you immediately balked at the price tag.  “We already have a photographer, why do we need a videographer?” you may have said.  Or maybe it was “(insert couple’s name here) said they paid for a wedding video and they only watched the thing once.” But after your wedding comes and goes, you’ll realize that no still photograph, no matter how masterfully done, can really capture the true essence of your wedding. And when you try to think back on the best day of your life, a day that you hardly had any time to soak in because you were so busy, a day whose excitement may never be matched again for the rest of your life, you’ll realize that even just a couple days after the wedding it’s impossible to recall all of those moments. But that is what a wedding video can do.

The wedding video that you need to help capture the essence of your wedding should be more than just a video—it should be a film with you and your bride as the star, and your family and friends are the supporting cast.  This video should capture all of the signature moments, like the vows and the kiss, but also include some of the fun from the dance floor and personalized messages from your friends. Personalized messages are especially important because on your wedding day you will see so many people that you’ll hardly get a chance to really talk with anyone. When you get back your wedding video,  the personalized greetings, heartfelt anecdotes, and thoughtful well-wishes you’ll receive will be particularly meaningful in the absence of the conversations you weren’t able to have. At Flashbox Films, these are the wedding videos that we produce for every soon-to-be-wed couple.  Click here to read more.

Your wedding day is a thrill that even the most stoic guy will be able to admit was the best day of his life. Make sure you don’t miss out on capturing the best moments of your day that you’ll regret if you forget.