What Sets Us Apart?

The Flashbox Kiosk

What happens when you apply the creative genius of Carnegie Mellon trained computer scientists to the event industry? You get the Flashbox Kiosk. This video kiosk is the heart and soul of our service and a direct result of our mission to create better memories. Another photo booth? No way. The Flashbox Kiosk is much more than a single-purpose piece of hardware. It’s a catalyst for your event that brings out the best in your guests. It is mobile and can follow the party, all while fitting elegantly into any style.


Personal & Heartfelt

traditional-momentGuests at your event are free to record messages whenever they choose, be it alone and/or with others, and as many times as they like.  No camera or microphone are ever shoved in their faces when they’re not prepared.  What they choose to do after the red light goes on is limited only by their creativity.

Every event we do features very personal and heartfelt moments, as well as the funny and often hysterical.

We’ve seen it all. Best wishes, past memories and funny moments, words of wisdom, poems, skits, songs, raps, cheers and some of the best come from your guests’ secret desire to be a recording artist. Check out the video showcase to see a sampling of what typically happens at FlashBox events. Additionally, each FlashBox Kiosk is hosted by a delightful producer to assist and encourage your guests, not interfere.

Igniting Fun

CnD-Cheripka-Brenner_Wedding__(675)Not only is the kiosk a great device for capturing sincere messages from your guests, it has an uncanny knack for triggering something else; something we like to call “fun.” When was the last time you danced with the camera guy at a wedding? Well, your guests will if you hire Flashbox Films.

The FlashBox Kiosk has a reputation for igniting impromptu fun moments at big events, thus creating an environment conducive to spontaneous, uninhibited, humorous, and sentimental storytelling. Occurrences have ranged from poems to musical performances to American Idol-like competition and everything in between.

Your guests will create memories that would have never happened without the FlashBox Kiosk.

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