Flashbox Films Inside Look

Flashbox Films Inside Look

A wedding day is for the bride and groom. It is the one day that they can truly say was made for the two of them. However, as much as it is your big day, that doesn’t mean you don’t want others to enjoy it as well.  All of the people who attend are there to support you and your budding marriage so it makes sense that you make it a memorable day for everyone.

Flashbox Films is the key to making the event fun and memorable for every guest. Our FlashFusion technology encourages everyone to jump out onto the dance floor. Every (yes, every) wedding we have been a part of has benefitted from the role we play in a wedding day. This blog gives you a Flashbox Films inside look.

At the wedding ceremony, our videographer captures all of the important moments. As you walk down the aisle to meet your future spouse and say your “I do’s,” we will be there to make sure we don’t miss any of the memories that you will want to look back on.

The videographer stays close by during the reception, and this is where Flashbox Films shows that it is unique from any other wedding videography company. During the reception, we set up the Flashbox Films to gather testimonials from your guests. As they walk by the Flashbox Films kiosk, guests come over one-by-one or in groups to sing you silly messages, share a piece of advice or give a genuine congratulations — wishing you two the best night and a future filled with joy and happiness.

As things get started on the dance floor, the Flashbox Films kiosk makes its way down through the crowd. Depending on the wedding, the dance floor may be erupting with dance and song or it could just be the wedding party. Every wedding is different. Regardless of who is ready to start dancing, Flashbox Films always ignites something inside of people that makes them want to pull out their best dance moves.

“We always encourage the bride and groom to play three different songs during our time on the dance floor,” says Gary Cozen, President of Flashbox Films, “Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer, Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline and Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey.”

At one recent wedding, we saw as a crowd of 15 turn into a crowd of nearly 30 people singing and dancing along with Neil Diamond’s famous tune in front of the Flashbox Films kiosk. “It never fails,” Cozen laughs, “I still get nervous and excited at every wedding, wondering what the crowd will think once we get onto the dance floor. But, it never fails. The Flashbox Films kiosk always draws in a crowd. It’s the life of the party.”

Of course, it’s no easy task. There is an art to managing Flashbox Films on the dance floor. Gary has had years of experience at pointing out the right guests and engaging those around the dance floor to make an appearance in the film. His mission is to energize the crowd but also, to create real entertainment. The end goal is to make a film that the bride and groom will want to watch over the years.

“We don’t want this to be just any wedding film,” Gary said. “Though the film is a compilation of the important wedding moments that you would picture to be in your wedding film, it is so much more. Instead of collecting dust in the basement with other memorabilia, our goal is to make a film that includes all of the beautiful, funny and exciting memories that you’ll never want to forget.”

With Flashbox Films, your guests will feel comfortable sharing the night with you on and off the dance floor.  And, you’ll have a collection of memories to always remind you that your wedding was fun for you and everyone involved. Click here to learn more.