Brides’ Biggest Regret: No Wedding Videography

Studies have shown that wedding videography is one of the most undervalued aspects of the wedding. A nationwide telephone survey of brides conducted by the Wedding and Event Videographers Association International noted that while while 98% of brides hire a professional photographer, only 29% hire a professional videographer. In fact, an astonishing 38% of brides had no videotape from their wedding whatsoever–not even amateur video!

98% of Brides Say You Should Have Wedding Videography

What Can Flashbox Films Do for Your Wedding?

As it turns out, many brides don’t see the true value of wedding videography until after the wedding has come and gone. The day is hectic, and it is hard to remember everything, and even viewing the photographs doesn’t capture everything. This explains the regret on the part of those who didn’t hire a videographer. This is supported by the survey data, which shows that before their wedding, only slightly higher than half of brides believe wedding videography is a “top 10 service” to hire. Compare this to the number from after the wedding: 75% of brides believe that videography is of “top 10″ importance after their weddings.


But what causes the change of heart? Surveyed brides observed that a wedding video does a better job than pictures at capturing the emotions of the day. They also noted that, perhaps even more importantly, wedding videography does a better job at creating a product that their children will appreciate someday down the road.


Have we convinced you of the importance of wedding videography? If you are interested in capturing your wedding, Flashbox Films has the best approach: on top of the traditional wedding video services, we also include a “video guestbook” booth to make sure that every guest at the wedding gets a chance to leave you a personal message. We weave these personal messages into your other wedding footage in such a way that makes your video a special production that you will want to watch again and again. Learn more about the Flashbox Experience.

Survey data courtesy of WEVA International
Photo courtesy of Wedding Window