Behind the Scenes of Professional Wedding Videography

If you are worried about the bridal budget and consider going without a wedding videographer, you may want to think again.

It may seem like a good idea to have a cousin record the wedding with his video camera circa 1995, but think about that potential gut-wrenching feeling when playing back the video after the honeymoon and all of the greatest moments captured are backlit silhouettes and thumb shots. Or even worse, he forgot to take the cover off of the lens. The final product may have great audio but no video! Those special moments may always be remembered, but without a video, there is no way to truly relive that time when grandma shimmied on the dance floor, or when the groomsmen serenaded guests with a song they made special for the event.

These are just a couple of reasons why you should invest in high-quality wedding video production in Pittsburgh.

The Professional Difference

When deciding to hire a videographer, you’ll find that there are a multitude of professional service options. Wedding video services in Pittsburgh provide you with variety, whether your desired style is simple, classic, cinematic, documentary or journalistic. A talented videographer creates a storytelling approach when it comes to weddings, providing the viewer with a full scope of the couple and their unique story.

Equipment & Cinematic Variation

Using state-of-the-art digital video equipment and software, you can get a DVD video of your entire wedding day, shot in sequence for a traditional result, documentary style peppered with clips from guests throughout the wedding, or a variety of other presentations. Your videographer can take shots from a video kiosk and insert them into the final cut of the video for the ultimate keepsake. Most videographers will accommodate your time frame, often staying for many hours, from pre-ceremony preparations to the last dance. If you like black and white images interspersed with color footage, you can have that, too. Storytelling has become part of the art of wedding videography and sharing your story as a couple has never been easier with today’s tools and technology.

From editing to raw footage, your video package can be as detailed as you like. Choose from things like highlighted segments, unedited footage, photo montages, engagement stories, invitation shots, high-definition video production and music. Your videographer will use professional editing software to create high-quality DVDs and Blu-ray discs that will take up permanent residence in your home entertainment center.

Now when you think about it, can your cousin do all that?