4 Tips To Consider While Picking Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding day is a day that you will never forget. It is the first and grandest step into a life together with another person — your perfect match. With this in mind, it is obvious that you want your wedding day to be perfect. The perfect wedding starts with finding a theme that represents both you and your future spouse and mirrors the relationship that the two of you share together. Finding that one theme can be somewhat of a challenge, especially in the age of Pinterest wedding theme boards. We’ve decided to simplify the process for you with 4 key ideas to consider about themes while you plan your wedding.

What is it that makes you two “you.”

This thought seems simple and common sense, but it is easy to get caught up in the world of Pinterest, pinning this dress because it looks pretty and that venue because it looks breathtaking. While planning your wedding, it is important to focus on what it is that makes the two of you special as a couple. Remember the special moments of the relationship and think about the activities and adventures you both love most. While looking at the vast array of wedding photos online, you may get lost in what looks good for other people and forget that you can create a unique wedding theme that is especially crafted for your relationship.

Select the venue that matches your individuality.

Once you have intentionally discovered what makes the two of you unique, it is time to start putting those thoughts into action. The first thing you must do before you start planning anything else is to pick a venue. It’s hard to make your theme ideas into a reality until you have a concrete idea of the space you will be working with. Selecting the venue is an opportunity to reflect on what you and your future spouse find suits your personalities best.

An ideal space for your wedding may be the park where you first exchanged “I love you’s” or the vacation spot where you enjoyed your first couples vacation on the beach. Picking a venue that is both favorable for a wedding and brings back memories from the special moments of your relationship make it more meaningful. Choosing a venue is an essential part of finding a wedding theme because many of your decisions for the theme will compliment the setting of the venue. For instance, you wouldn’t have a beach themed wedding with pearl and seashell blue at a wedding in the park.

Discover your Style.

Now the fun begins. You’ve selected the venue and it is time to begin envisioning a design that demonstrates your style. You can now turn to Pinterest, both utilizing ideas you have already pinned, and doing further research of things that work for your specific venue. Organize your findings into sections, like décor, lighting and sound details, food options, clothing colors, and of course the wedding dress. This is an important time to remember the previous two points. Make sure that while having a fun time pinning, you are remaining close to what will work at your venue and what will be representing the two of you as a couple.

Stick to your theme.
Once you have chosen your venue and started putting together things that are perfect for your theme, you are no doubt starting to get excited. And rightly so! This is also the stage of the process where friends and family members will start to offer their unsolicited advice. Take a moment to remind yourself of all the careful thought and work you have put into selecting your theme. Your friends and family mean well with their suggestions, and they only offer you their suggestions because they mean well, but don’t be afraid to do things your own way. You want to remember it as a day that was uniquely you, designed from all of the puzzle pieces that formed the relationship you two have together.

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